Date of Entry: 9/21/2007 10:19:28 AM
Major Locations: US- West
San Ramon, CA
Employer Description: One of the largest integrated energy companies in the world.
Total Number of Employees: 56,000     
Tanya Lughermo, Associate Manager, Health & Productivity Services - 713-752-6137
Problem Statement: Chevron has a strong history of addressing injury prevention and employee health for its employees. When management detected a surprising injury increase in office workers in 2000, however, they knew that a new approach was in order. The solution, a prevention-based process called “Repetitive Stress Injury Prevention Program” takes advantage of Chevron’s integration of Health & Productivity Services, managed by Tanya Lughermo, with its Employee Assistance and WorkLife Program, under Lee Sparling. 
Employees at risk of injuries are identified early for biopsychosocial intervention to protect work performance.

Examples of Mental Health Innovation:
Employee Assistance Program
Health Plans

For more information on Chevron, read the following article from Mental Health Works.

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