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Mental Health Works is a free monthly publication focused on mental health in the workplace. This resource highlights research related to mental health and the workplace, case examples from companies successfully implementing mental health strategies, and tools you can apply to your workplace.

In the current issue: Tools and Strategies to Combat Peripartum and Postpartum Depression and Anxiety in Working Mothers (September 2016)

Throughout their lifetimes, women are at a greater risk than men for developing certain psychiatric disorders, including major depression and generalized anxiety disorder. The first year after childbirth (the postpartum period), as well as the short period of time before and immediately after delivery (the peripartum period), can be a particularly vulnerable time when mothers often experience massive biological, emotional, financial, and social changes.
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CEO Summit on Mental Health in the Workplace

It's not every day that CEOs set time aside to discuss mental health in the workplace. But that's what happened at Deustche Bank's U.S. headquarters on Wall Street in New York City.