Employer Practices for Addressing Stress & Building Resiliency

The Partnership has published a white paper that expands upon research published December of 2012 in the Journal of Occupational & Environmental Medicine (JOEM; Spangler, Koesten, Fox, and Radel, 2012).

The research, a collaborative effort among several organizations, including the Partnership, asked leading employers what they perceive to be their greatest strengths in addressing workplace stress and resilience. The
JOEM article provided theoretical rationales for the perceived strengths, and the new white paper expands on practical applications and ways that employers can take action. This information is offered as a timely tool for employers during the prolonged strains of economic recovery. 

The 46 employer representatives, with management responsibility over human resources, benefits, employee assistance programs, disability management, health promotion, occupational health, and organizational development, described three levels of their approaches. These include:

(1) Preventing distress/building resilience;
(2) Providing screening, information, resources, and benefits to employees; and
(3) Intervening actively with troubled employees.

Download the Employer Practices for Addressing Stress & Building Resiliency white paper.

The JOEM article is also available for
download here
A special thank you to all of the employer representatives who participated in the study, and to JOEM for making their content available.

Spangler, N. W., Koesten, J., Fox, M. H., Radel, J. (2012). Employer perceptions of stress and resilience intervention. Journal of Occupational & Environmental Medicine. 54(11):1421-1429. doi: 10.1097/JOM.0b013e3182619038 [JOEM has provided free access to the article at http://journals.lww.com/joem/Fulltext/2012/11000/Employer_Perceptions_of_Stress_and_Resilience.17.aspx ]