ICU Program

The ICU Program is an awareness campaign for the workplace designed to decrease the stigma associated with the topic of mental health and foster a workplace culture that supports emotional health. The ICU Program was developed by DuPont’s Employee Assistance Program and delivered to their 70,000 employees worldwide. DuPont donated ICU to the Partnership, which now makes it available at no cost to employers across all sectors, industries, and sizes.
The ICU Program uses an analogy that just as people with a physical injury or illness may require help through an Intensive Care Unit, so people with a psychological/emotional injury or illness may require help from one another. Thus, “ICU” becomes “I See You.” Three corresponding ICU Program steps to take that provide this help are as follows: (1) Identify the signs of distress. (2) Connect with the person experiencing distress. (3) Understand the way forward together. The step “Understand the way forward together” can include having a simple conversation or using mental health benefits and programs available through your organization.  
The core component of the ICU Program is a five-minute video that teaches employees about emotional health and how to appropriately connect with distressed peers at the workplace who may need support. ICU is designed to be used in tandem with your organization's existing mental health and wellness programs - it does not replace them.  

ICU Program Components

Implementation Guide
This guide provides an overview of the ICU Program and how it might be implemented. It offers suggestions on planning, implementation, and measurement, as well as how to utilize the other available ICU Program components.


Download the Guide Here.

Leadership Presentation
The leadership presentation is a PowerPoint deck that can be customized. It provides a high-level review of the ICU program, the business case for addressing mental health in the workplace, and provides sample strategies for rolling out the program at a company. It should be tailored to the specific implementation plans of your organization, including where employees should go for additional support such as the employee assistance program.

Download the Presentation Here.

The flyer can be distributed along with the video or in follow up communications to employees. It reinforces the video’s key messages and lists resources for additional support. A customizable version is also available that can be modified to list the specific contact information of your company’s EAP and benefits provider.

Download the Flyer Here.

Download the customizable Flyer Here.

E-mail/Intranet Template
The email template provides sample language to be used when you share the ICU video by email and/or company intranet. 


Download the E-mail/Intranet Template Here.

The ICU Program logo can be used for support materials you create. The grayscale logo can be used alongside your own organization’s logo or you can modify the ICU logo with your brand colors. You can download the ICU logo as a .jpg or .eps file for editing. If you plan to modify the logo with your brand colors, you will find the .eps file allows you to do that in several standard programs, like Photoshop.

Download the .eps logo Here.

Download the .jpg logo Here. 

Instructions for Embedding the ICU Video
A brief instruction sheet is available to assist you if you choose to embed the video onto your own organization's website. Beyond these provided instructions, please work with your organization’s information technology professionals for further assistance.

Download the Embed Instructions Here.

Pre/Post Evaluation Questionnaires
One simple way to evaluate the effects of your ICU Program can be to conduct a pre-implementation, and post-implementation survey to help you determine what influence the program is having on the behavior of your employees and whether the program is affecting your organization’s culture.

Download the Pre & Post Evaluation Questionnaires Here.