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The Depression Calculator for Employers

How Does the Model Work?

The calculator goes through several steps to calculate the amount of time and money lost due to depression:

  • Based on the company’s size, type of industry, location, and the age/gender breakdown, the model estimates the prevalence of depression in your organization.
  • Using workdays missed per year due to depression, total daily compensation (wages and benefits) for employees in the company, and an estimate of depressed employees’ additional direct medical costs, the model presents annualized estimates of lost productive time, replacement costs, and direct medical costs due to depression.
  • The model uses customized input or default values that will populate to estimate rates of depression diagnosis, rates of successful treatment, and treatment costs to estimate the overall savings for your company.
  • All parameters and variables used in the model are obtained from peer-reviewed publications that were reviewed to ensure the study was objective, unbiased, and represents trends in depression.