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Anxiety Disorders Are Common in the Workplace

Anxiety disorders are the most common mental illnesses in the United States, affecting 18% of Americans in the prime of their working years. Learn how employers can influence change.


Managers Make a Difference in Employee Mental Health

Nearly 84 percent of employees report that their opinion of work is influenced by their direct manager. Imagine what happens when an employee experiencing a mental health condition has a manager that cares. Learn how Puget Sound Energy offers training for managers to support employees living with depression.


Is Loneliness Taking over the Future of Our Workplace?

Changes in the way we work are making people lonely. In a recent Medium article, Darcy Gruttadaro says, “this is certainly a trend that’s growing”. She goes on to say, “It presents a challenge for employers to help people feel engaged and social in the workplace.”


Supporting Your Caregiving Employees

Without adequate support, caregiving employees often face tremendous stress that can take a toll on their health. For employers, this can lead to higher healthcare costs, lower productivity and cause high performing employees to leave their jobs, significantly impacting the bottom line. Now is the time to act in supporting caregiving employees as the numbers continue to climb. 

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