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Mental Health Works Podcast

As the leading voice on workplace mental health, the Center supports organizations in promoting the mental health of employees.  This series is designed to inspire employers at all levels- CEOs, managers, HR professionals, benefits consultants, other employees and more- to create a culture of mental health and well-being. By providing practical guidance and strategies, workforce leaders will be prepared to make a positive difference in their organizations.

Podcast Episodes

How Employers Can Be Supportive

Episode 2 | Oct. 8, 2019

Congress established the first full week of October as Mental Illness Awareness Week (MIAW) but really any week is the right time to promote a mentally healthy workplace. Learn how employers are engaging in effective workplace mental health initiatives under three major pillars and the importance of leadership support.

Depression 9 to 5

Episode 1 | Sept. 25, 2019

More employers are focusing on workplace mental health because they recognize it is too costly to ignore. Depression costs employers an estimated $100 billion each year in lost productivity. Dr. Philip Muskin, highly regarded psychiatrist at Columbia University Medical Center and psychoanalyst at Columbia University Psychoanalytic Center talks about depression in the workplace.

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